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Automatic Power Factor Control Panels

What is power factor-- Power factor is defined as the ratio between true power and actual power flowing through the circuit. We get true power by Wattmeter, and apparent power is calculated by knowing the Voltage and current flowing through the circut. Voltmeter and Ampere meters are used.

Power factor is important in the A.C. circuit because the apparent cuirrent flowing through the circuit is more when power fator is less than 1.

For purly Inductive circuit the power factor is zero. similarly for purly resistive circuits the power factor is 1.

so it is always desirable to approach towards unity power factor.

To achieve unity power factor AUTOMATIC POWER FACTOR CONTROL PANEL is used.

Automatic Power Factor Controller, consists of capacitor banks which are added to the circuit as and when required.

We manufacture automatic Power Factor Control Panels with contactor logic & thyristor controlled also, with & without reactors ( harmonic filters )


We are offering a wide range of APFC Panels having capability of saving maximum power and energy. Our Highly efficient APFC Panels save energy by accurately monitoring the reactive power in power systems. Our APFC panels are Fabricated using quality material and consists capacitors with series reactors that helps in minimizing the harmonic current.

We are highly specialized in manufacturing APFC Panels. Our APFC Panels are manufactured from high quality raw material. APFC Panels are available with capacitors which have built in protective devices for cutting extra power. APFC Panels manufactured by us are in accordance of required norms and standards.

• Flawless finish
• High performance
• Long operational life
• Made from rust proof steel material
• Circuits are equipped with independent fuses
• Equipped with capacitors with series reactors for minimizing harmonic current which may alter system voltage & current.

Application Area :
• Micro processors
• LT & HT factories
• Electrical installations
• Process controllers
• Electrical Industries.

We manufacturers and suppliers of Electrical Control Panels and our setup is situated at Dhayari, Pune ( Maharashtra, India )
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