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PLC SCADA Panels, Power Control Panels, VFD Panels, Dealer, Power Control Centers Panels, Electrical Control Panels, Manufacturer, Supplier, Pune, India

Electrical Control Panels Manufacturers

Automatic Power Factor Control    Panels
Auto Mains Failure Panels
Motor Control Center Panels
Power Control Centers Panels
Synchronizing Panels
we specialize in

• Power Control Centers
• Motor Control Centers
• Capacitor Control Panels
• Bus Ducts Up to 6400 A
• Soft Starter Panels
• VFD Panels
  The designing of panel is based on the requirements of Customers.
  We consider the following aspect while designing a panel :
Location: It is very important to know the location to design the panels for:
  a) Indoor / outdoor application.
  b) Space available for length and depth & height
Whether back access is available for cable termination work /maintenance etc. This helps to reduce / increase the size of panel
Cable entry to be top / bottom to fix the location of Bus bar chambers & cable chambers
Out going cable sizes for all the feeders is considered for selection of connectors & cabie chambers designing
The bus bar calculation for phase, Neutral, Earth, sizing in done considering current rating short circuits rating ambient temperature, future expansion etc.
The panel is designed such that all the switchgears & bus bars installed in it shall be accessible for easy maintenance.
After freezing the above point, G.A., S.L.D. & control writing drawings are submitted to the client for approval.
On the receipt of approved drawings & manufacturing process resumes.
We manufacturers and suppliers of Electrical Control Panels and our setup is situated at Dhayari, Pune ( Maharashtra, India )
Designing | Fabrication | Painting Powder Coating | Selection of Busbars | Assembly and Wiring | Testing of Panels