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Busbars, Busbars For Feeders, Pune, India

Electrical Control Panels Manufactures

Automatic Power Factor Control    Panels
Auto Mains Failure Panels
Motor Control Center Panels
Power Control Centers Panels
Synchronizing Panels
we specialize in

• Power Control Centers
• Motor Control Centers
• Capacitor Control Panels
• Bus Ducts Up to 6400 A
• Soft Starter Panels
• VFD Panels
Selection Of Busbars
All the busbars & busbar supports are designed to withstand necessary short circuit levels the size of the busbar insulator
distance between insulator is designed to carry rated currents at 50 degree centigrade ambient with maximum Temperature rise of 30 degree centigrade.
Necessary precaution is taken for busbar just including cleaning by sandpaper & application of petroleum jelly for protection against oxidation (for Aluminum busbar only )
The number of hole in the busbar is kept to petroleum jelly for is kept to minimum. The loss in using additional cross selection of busbar completeness area.
The joint of busbar have sufficient overlaps or additional strips.
The busbar supports are usually of SMC & DMC.
The complete busbar system is independently supported so that no load Can transferred to switch gear components.
The bending of busbar is done using hydraulic machine so that no cracks are developed & deformation is minimum.
Suitable spacing is maintained between the busbars
The busbars are insolated with the heat shrinkable sleeves.
Wherever necessary the busbar is shrouded to avoided the human touch.
We manufacturers and suppliers of Electrical Control Panels and our setup is situated at Dhayari, Pune ( Maharashtra, India )
Designing | Fabrication | Painting Powder Coating | Selection of Busbars | Assembly and Wiring | Testing of Panels